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    this is literally my favorite trend ever please never let this die

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    real acting

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Good guy Tony Romo


    Good guy Tony Romo

  4. Race Weekend! 2 of 2

    Just realized I never posted about this… soo a couple of weeks ago, I decided I was going to sign up for two 10ks. You can see my post about the first race here.

    Anyways… woke up Sunday feeling pretty tight. Was wondering what I got myself into. But since the race is flat, I figured I would take it nice and easy..

    By the time we got up to the city, I wanted to try to hit a new PR.. and I did!

    53:46! Not too shabby for a fat guy :-p

    Also, finishing 425th out of 6370 runners is pretty cool.

    So yeah… that was my weekend (followed by the most freaking awesome concert ever Sunday night).

  5. How awesome is the video..

    I can’t even…

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